100% sustainable cleaning systems


We strongly believe in the need to evolve towards industrial applications that maintain and increase the quality of life while minimizing or even neutralizing environmental impacts.

Years of international experience in several industries.

What we do?
We apply biotech decontamination systems in these areas:

Long-chain aliphatic hydrocarbons

Medium-chain aliphatic hydrocarbons

Short-chain aliphatic hydrocarbons

Additional special bacteria

How does it work?
Through bio-decontamination of hydrocarbons

  • Some spieces of bacteria are very high performing in the degradation of hydrocarbons, both from petroleum refining and synthetic types such as some lubricating and insulating oils.
  • The bacteria used in the ODB System have been insulated from hydrocarbon contaminated sites and selected for their biodegradation capabilities.
  • The decontamination process is based on a natural process and is completely environmentally friendly.
  • No toxic chemicals are being used and no environmental pollutants are produced.
  • These bacteria offer a wide range of applications: bio-decontamination of soil, industrial structures and installations containg oils such as high and medium voltage power cables.

What can we do for you?
Clean your contaminated cables, soil and materials.


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TIBIO is a Swiss biotechnology and scientific consulting company founded in 2009 active in the field of scientific consulting, R&D project management, chemical and microbiological analysis, and provision of solutions for environmental pollution problems.

The company was founded as an environmental biotechnology company. TIBIO’s first product, which is still one of the company’s most successful services, is the Oil Degradation by Bacteria System: a bio-decontamination system for high and medium voltage fluid oil electrical cables.

Daxtachem SAM is a scientific consulting company in chemistry and biotechnology applied to the environment, based in Monaco.

The company’s services, in addition to scientific consulting, include solutions for degradation of pollutants such as oils and petroleum derivatives, water treatment, micropollutant abatement and recycling of plastics and precious metals.

The Business First Consulting GmbH is an experienced partner that conducts intensive process and system analysis in the life science industry. Their successful team of professional process analysts provides tailored solutions based on practical experience and industry-specific expertise. Their services aim to improve operational performance and achieve competitive advantages.

OLIMS is a partner that simplifies the management of laboratory operations and reduces errors. With automated processes such as test planning and reporting, you can save time and reduce effort. The platform allows for efficient customer service while maintaining the highest level of quality. Real-time tracking and monitoring enable analysis of performance metrics and identification of areas for improvement. OLIMS optimizes laboratory operations and enhances efficiency.


National Grid plays a pivotal role in the energy systems of both the UK and the North-Eastern US. In the UK, the company owns and operates an extensive network, including 4,481 miles of overhead electricity lines, 1,417 miles of underground electricity cables, and 4,760 miles of high-pressure gas pipes. This network spans over 10,000 miles, equivalent to the distance from London to Sydney. National Grid’s UK operations involve transporting high-pressure gas and electricity from producers to operators, who then distribute it to homes and businesses.

In the US, National Grid’s network is even more expansive, comprising 8,881 miles of overhead power lines and an impressive 35,560 miles of gas pipelines – surpassing 1.4 times the length of the equator. Serving over 20 million people, National Grid

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